Why Elix Discovery™

  • 01.

    A Complete, Integrated AI Platform

    From property prediction to molecular design, Elix Discovery™ has all the essential functions for AI drug discovery, and provides them in a modular architecture that allows users to leverage these functions seamlessly across the platform.

  • 02.

    Consulting, Support and Sharing Know-how

    Our researchers, who have consulting experience with numerous companies, will provide dedicated support while openly sharing our knowledge.

  • 03.

    Chemist-first UI/UX

    Chemists and AI have complementary strengths. Our philosophy is that the best results come from the cooperation between chemists and AI.


  • Elix Predict
    (Predictive Models)

    Predict properties of molecules, such as activity, physicochemical properties, and ADMET.

  • Elix Create
    (Generative Models)

    Generate molecules optimized for activity, physicochemical properties, ADMET, synthesizability, and other user defined parameters.

  • Elix Assist
    (Active Learning)

    Start with a small dataset and find promising molecules while minimizing the number of synthesized compounds and experiments.


What kind of data can I use on Elix Discovery™?
You can upload your own data or public data.
How secure is Elix Discovery™?
Elix Discovery™ is recommended for on-premise use on the client’s servers. We also offer cloud-based services.
I heard that Elix is a global team. Will consulting and support be provided in English?
Discussions with clients are conducted in Japanese or English, whichever is preferred by the client. Elix Discovery™ itself is available in both English and Japanese.

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