Our mission

Drug Discovery

Our values

  • 01.

    Go Beyond Expectations

    – Stand out through the quality of our work.
    – Think big. Think outside the box.

  • 02.

    Be Self-Motivated

    – Initiate. Don’t wait for orders.
    – Keep learning. Stay curious.

  • 03.

    Be Respectful

    – Help others. Work towards a common goal.
    – Give transparent feedback, but be thoughtful.

CEO’s Message

Elix is an AI drug discovery startup with the mission of “Rethinking Drug Discovery”. The biggest challenge in drug discovery is the enormous financial and time costs of R&D, reaching more than 200 billion yen and 10 years to create a single drug. One of the most promising, emerging technical solutions to this issue is AI and machine learning technology. With the rapid development of these tools, now is the optimal time to rethink drug discovery by leveraging AI. I believe that drug discovery is a theme of great social significance, and worthy of devoting one’s life to improving it through our work at Elix.

To accomplish this grand mission, Elix has assembled top-class team members with different specialties that work together as one. Although we are a Japanese company, we provide an environment where the official language is English, and talented members from all over the world can fully demonstrate their abilities. We feel that AI drug discovery as a field is like mixed martial arts as a sport, and diverse expertise is essential. We respect each other’s expertise, and we are taking on big challenges that only this diverse group of people can solve.

With our diverse team of researchers and engineers from more than 10 countries at its foundation, we have built from the beginning a structure that allows us to compete on an equal footing on a global scale. Elix has a highly transparent and open culture that allows us to work together as a team to achieve ambitious goals in an exciting, collaborative environment.

In drug discovery, it is not only important to do things efficiently by conventional methods, but to also make things possible by currently unconventional methods. We hope you’ll join us in our challenge to establish next-generation technologies, and make the world a better place through drug discovery.

Co-Founder & CEO
Shinya Yuki

Our Team