Nikkei Xtech (July 25, 2022) published an article on why Kaken Pharmaceutical adopted Elix Discovery™

The July 25, 2022 issue of Nikkei Xtech published the following article.
“Why Kaken Pharmaceutical, a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, adopted Elix Discovery, a new integrated tool for AI drug discovery by startup Elix?”

There are comments by Kaken Pharmaceutical on the benefits of Elix Discovery™ from the perspective of a pharmaceutical company.

Please refer to the following news releases of Elix and Kaken for more details.

News release of Elix
Elix launches “Elix Discovery™,” the only all-in-one AI drug discovery platform that provides everything from property prediction and molecular design to consulting and implementation support

News release of Kaken
Kaken introduced “Elix Discovery™“, an AI Drug Discovery Platform