Nikkan Yakugyo and AnswersNews published articles about the launch of Elix Discovery™, Elix’s AI drug discovery platform

Jun 17, 2022 Information

The June 16, 2022 issue of Nikkan Yakugyo and AnswersNews featured an article on the launch of our AI drug discovery platform, “Elix Discovery™” and the signing of a license agreement with Kaken Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

– Nikkan Yakugyo
”Kaken concludes a license agreement with Elix to utilize the AI drug discovery platform in their focused areas.”
– AnswersNews
Elix launches Elix Discovery, an all-in-one AI drug discovery platform

Please refer to the following news releases of Elix and Kaken for more details.
News release of Elix
Elix launches “Elix Discovery™,” the only all-in-one AI drug discovery platform that provides everything from property prediction and molecular design to consulting and implementation support
News release of Kaken
Kaken introduced “Elix Discovery™“, an AI Drug Discovery Platform