Deep Learning for Industry


    We are a technology company that specializes in deep learning
    We apply cutting-edge technology to industries promptly and contribute to developments of businesses











  • What We Do


    Based on your inquiries on how deep learning technology can help solve business problems and your requests to introduce the technology to your business, we help you define your goals and create a plan to take concrete action.


    For clients who want to apply deep learning technology to specific areas,

    we investigate the latest research papers and applicable technology, and propose the best model/solution.


    According to your request, we have a flexible development scheme; from creating a prototype for verification of feasibility, to developing a practical system for full-scale introduction.



    For clients aiming for prototype development, who want to verify the results of the latest research, we reproduce the experiment done in the research using the same model/parameters as well as dataset.

  • We Are Your Open Innovation Partner


    Even if you cannot do something alone, by cooperating with a partner, you can achieve more.

    Through collaboration, we are able to solve more problems and be of a greater value.

    We are actively looking for companies that would like to become our partner.

  • We are really proud to be a member of

    the NVIDIA Inception Program!

  • News

         2018.02.21 Head office relocated to Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

         2017.12.15 We have joined the Life Intelligence Consortium (LINC).

         2017.11.24 We have started a research project in collaboration with Hirosaki University.

         2017.08.07 We have been selected for the NVIDIA Inception Program – an accelerator program for promising deep learning startups.

               Press release is here.

  • Team

    Shinya Yuki


    Ph.D. in physics. Worked as an engineer at DeNA and a Singapore startup. Check out his twitter.


    Tatsuya Okubo


    Majored in electrical and electronics engineering, and information science. Worked as an intern at a Singapore startup.

  • We Are Hiring!

    Machine learning engineer / researcher

    Anyone who has Ph.D. and likes to get into this exciting field


  • Contact Us

    We are open for consultation about machine learning and deep learning at any time
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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