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    We are constantly reading papers on AI technology and keeping track of the trend. Please feel free to ask about the application of AI technology to business. We propose the best model and solution.


    Data analysis

    We implement systems and analyze data using AI technology with optimal methods for each business.



    Together, we help improve your business using AI technology by doing multiple research and experiments through trial and error.

  • Use Cases

    We support all fields of AI technology

    Here we introduce some examples of our work so far

    Style Transfer

    Background technology of Prisma, a popular photo editing app. You can apply your favorite style to your favorite photo.

    Facial Keypoints Detection

    Background technology of Snapchat's filter function, photo messaging app. It detects characteristic facial points such as the left end of the left eye, the center of the nose, the right end of the mouth.

    Deep Reinforcement Learning

    We developed a game system using Deep Reinforcement Learning. It automatically plays a variety of games without any human interaction.

    Human Pose Estimation

    Estimates human poses and even challenging articulations from images.

    Super Resolution​

    Generates high-resolution images from low-resolution images.

    Object Detection

    Technology to detect objects from images. It is also used in autonomous driving vehicles.

    Power Demand Forecast

    Forecasts future demand of electric power using large scale feature data (weather, temperature, daily rate of power consumption, etc.).