A collaboration with Providing solutions to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

Real-time monitoring of crowd density and crowd counting

Computer Vision

Development Background

Social distancing is considered to be the most effective means for reducing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infections that are now globally rampant.
We have developed this product to counteract the proliferation rate of virus infections and promote the balance between health measures and continued economic activity.

Service Overview

This solution measures crowd density and numbers by analyzing images in real-time and detecting the crowd size and relative positions of the people recorded by the camera. Our solution does not require specialized hardware and can work with any off the shelf camera.


  • 01

    It enables real-time detection of crowds and crowd density estimation. The videos may also be reviewed and analyzed in greater detail after recording has been completed.

  • 02

    Features such as detecting the presence of masks can also be included at the request of the clients implementing this product.