Elix, Inc. is a research-oriented technology company specialized in Deep Learning.
We promptly apply cutting-edge technology to industries and contribute to business development.


Our main focus is AI drug discovery, materials informatics, computer vision and edge AI.

AI Drug Discovery / Materials Informatics

We apply cutting-edge technology in deep learning and machine learning that makes molecular design processes of AI drug discovery and materials informatics far more efficient. Currently we provide proprietary technology with a focus on property prediction, molecular design and retrosynthesis analysis.

Major Functions of Elix Chem™

  • Predictive models
  • Generative models
  • Retrosynthesis models

Here are some of our major AI drug discovery and material informatics partners

Computer Vision / Edge AI

We are actively engaged in the R&D of AI models and the development of edge AI products for image, video or sensory data. These models and products are designed to automate manual tasks, improve upon existing systems and create new business opportunities in a wide range of industries.

Use Case

  • Developing algorithms for Autonomous driving and ADAS
  • Develping Visual inspection and Anomaly detection system
  • Develping Behavior analysis and Monitoring system

Here are some of
our major computer vision partners

  • huawei
  • nissinbo
  • toppan

In addition to talented AI researches and AI engineers, more than half of the team members have Ph.D. degrees and come from different specialities such as chemisty, biology and physics. This diverse lineup gives us the capability to always be on the cutting-edge of AI research and development.

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We offer full assistance, from:
- Proposing the most promising model among the latest research in deep learning.
- Implementation of our selected model.
- Refinement and model optimization.

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